What is a blanket box?

A blanket box is a piece of furniture designed to store blankets, linens, or other bedding items. It can also add as seating or storage furniture in your bedroom, hallway or living room.

What are some common materials used to make ottoman blanket boxes?

At Martelo and Mo, we use solid hardwoods like Ash, Maple, Oak, and Walnut for our ottoman storage chest. This is enhanced with high-quality hardware such as durable hinges and soft-close lid stay that help prevent it from injuring your fingers while closing the lid. To finish, we use low VOC oil wax products to enhance its natural beauty and texture. This finish is made of natural plant oils and waxes and is non-toxic, food, children and pet safe.

Can an ottoman blanket box be used for anything besides storing blankets?

Yes, Ottoman blanket boxes can also be used to store other items such as clothing, books, toys, pillows, household essentials, and workout gear that need to be kept organised and out of sight.

What are some tips for maintaining the wooden blanket box?

To maintain your blanket box, it's important to follow our Care Instructions and regularly dust it and clean it with a soft cloth.

Can I customise my blanket box?

Absolutely! Please contact us if you would like to customise this piece for alternative measurements to better fit your surroundings or Interior Design project.