A story of passion and a shared dream to create beautiful handcrafted furniture.

We are a husband and wife team; Lucas and Monika.

Our brand, Martelo and Mo, is the culmination of our desire to live life well. Our designs are modest, using natural, long-lasting materials that get better with time.

Martelo and Mo evolved from our wish to express these values through high-quality, handcrafted pieces of furniture, made with our hands and hearts.



Lucas is a self-taught carpenter, who grew up in the Brazilian city of São Paulo.

"I hope that my passion for hardwood and the years of dedication to furniture-making is evident from the attention to detail I put into every piece of furniture I create."

For Lucas, every piece is a very personal collaboration with the client's vision, and the challenge is to bring it to life.

And where does the name – Martelo and Mo – came from?
Martelo is the Portuguese word for a hammer – the very first tool we bought together – and Mo is Monika's nickname.

"It seems to sum up our partnership!"

Monika is the designer at Martelo and Mo, originally from North-East of Poland (aka the South Pole), she moved from a charming polish countryside to the UK to pursue her dreams.

"I worked as an interior design and visual merchandiser and developed a deep-rooted love for décor and anything furniture-related.
Our furniture making journey began in 2014 when we decided to make a bed for our new home and the question: Do you think you can make it, Lucas?
After all these years of hard work, learning and persistence, I feel as passionate about our craft as when we first started."

For Monika, the pursuit of quality, simplicity of design and desire to live life well are the core values.




Martelo and Mo is a British-made studio passionate about designing and creating functional, well-made furniture and homewares from sustainably sourced materials.

We are obsessed with wood; the way it feels, how it looks, and how it ultimately makes your house a home, your office a place of style and class. And respecting the integrity of the materials we use is key to Martelo and Mo's approach.

Martelo and Mo pieces are built to become a part of your life story; timeless, functional and well made. We are devoted to developing new products that add value to your life and be loved and used for generations.

To find out more, or to have a chat about how we can help you, please get in touch with us