Making an ottoman wooden box requires a combination of creativity, woodworking skills, and attention to detail. In this post, we will take you through the step-by-step process of creating our Luis Blanket Box.

The first step is to create a design

We begin by hand-sketching the box's basic shape and dimensions, and then we use a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) programme to create a manufacturing plan to guide us through the project. This process helps us ensure accurate measurements and that the wooden chest will come out just as we envisioned.

Image Credit - Luis Blanket Box design by Monika Equi, Martelo and Mo

Sourcing materials

Next, we source hardwood from trusted suppliers. We visit sawmills to hand-select boards or work with our suppliers to choose the best material for the project. We pay careful attention to the wood's grain and colour, as it will influence the final appearance of the furniture piece.

Martelo and Mo - Lucas selecting hardwood for a blanket box

Image Credit - University of Hertfordshire

We also source high-quality hardware to ensure the box's longevity, including a soft-close lid-stay that prevents the lid from falling on your fingers and hinges that will support the lid's weight.

Image Credit - Luis Blanket Box, Martelo and Mo

Time for the fun part - preparing the wood and construction!

We then prepare the wood from raw materials into component pieces. This involves cutting, planning, and shaping the wood into the required sizes. We also cut beautiful traditional dovetail joinery, which holds the chest together and adds extra strength and durability.

Martelo and Mo - Lucas cutting wood board on a table-saw

Image Credit - University of Hertfordshire

Once we have prepared the components, we glue them together to form the wooden box. We then cut the lid and round detail that works as a lid 'grab' or handle.

Luis Ottoman Blanket Box lid grab


After assembly, we sand the box to smooth out rough areas and edges. Sanding is a critical step in the process, as it helps us prepare the surface for the finish application.

Finally, we get to the finish line - literally

To finish the box, we hand-apply a wax-oil finish that brings out the natural beauty of the wood. The finish protects the wood, enhances the colour and grain, is low in VOC, and is pet and children-safe.

Image Credit - left University of Hertfordshire

The wooden storage chest we create is a versatile piece that offers ample storage. Its design allows it to function as a decorative piece in any room while also serving as a storage solution for blankets, pillows, or any other items you want to hide out of sight. Perfect for hallways as a storage shoe bench, end-of-bed seat or an ottoman coffee table.

Creating an ottoman wooden box is a labour-intensive process that requires skill, attention to detail, and high-quality materials. However, the result is a beautiful and functional piece of furniture that will last for generations.

Luis Oak Blanket Box dovetail joinery detail

Image Credit - Luis Blanket Box, Martelo and Mo

We offer customisation of this piece, and if you require bespoke dimensions to fit your space better, please contact us and let's chat about your new blanket box.


Written in collaboration with Influence Edge, University of Hertfordshire.

Disclaimer: We always endeavour to credit the correct source of every image we use. If you think a credit may need to be corrected, please get in touch with us at


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