Hardwood has many incredible benefits and has been used throughout centuries in various applications, including furniture and home decor objects.
Not many people are aware of these benefits, and we hope this blog will help you uncover if hardwood is a suitable material for you and your home.


Benefits of using hardwood for your furniture | Martelo & Mo


What is hardwood?

Hardwoods are sourced from broad-leaved trees. Typically, they grow slower and are thicker than softwoods. Those woods are also more robust and more durable due to their condensed and complex structure. Some common types of hardwoods include Ash, Maple, Oak and Walnut.

What are the benefits of using hardwood for my furniture?

Hardwoods are strong

As mentioned earlier, hardwoods are incredibly durable. Furniture made out of sturdy material, like timber, will age better and last longer. 

Timber, such as Oak, has been used for joinery and quality furniture since early times, and is still considered one of the most reliable materials. 

Therefore, if you're looking to invest in solid furniture, hardwood would be a great option.


Benefits of using hardwood for your furniture | Martelo & Mo


Hardwoods are easy to maintain

Another great advantage of using hardwood is that it's easy to maintain. Wooden furniture is effortless to clean and keep fresh, and you won't need to spend hours maintaining it.

You can regularly clean your hardwood by simply dusting it down and that will do the trick!

If you notice wear and tear to your furniture over the years and want an in-depth refresh, all you need to do is sand it and re-apply the finish. Your furniture will be as good as new!

Hardwood is also an excellent option if you have children or simply don't want to worry about stains and damage. Knowing that your furniture can be quickly restored allows you to enjoy your home without limits. And suppose you decide to leave those marks alone then they will remind you of those special moments and become the life stories imprinted into your furniture's grain.

Hardwoods have a great appearance

Hardwood is often used in a variety of interior design projects. The character of wooden furniture is so timeless that it can be used alongside different pieces to contribute to the style you are trying to achieve. 

As hardwoods come in diverse colours, they go well with many design styles. The lighter shades of hardwoods such as Oak and Maple are often perfect in a Boho or Farmhouse style. It's also used in the ever-popular Scandinavian aesthetic.

Other species, such as Walnut, can be used well in a Contemporary or Urban style. The darker colours will add a modern twist to interiors whilst also keeping them minimalistic.


Benefits of using hardwood for your furniture | Martelo & Mo


 Hardwoods are sustainable

Furniture made by local makers who work with responsibly sourced timbers has a lower environmental impact than some high street alternatives. Hardwood is a natural material that doesn't require any harsh chemicals to process. The furniture made out of it is long-lasting too! Also, you can use hardwood as an opportunity to shop local and support smaller, more local businesses in the supply chain.

How can we use hardwood in our furniture?

Hardwood can be used for a range of purposes in your house, including flooring, architectural woodwork and interior panelling. However, here at Martelo and Mo, we specialise in free-standing furniture. We offer our standard collection pieces and can design and make a bespoke piece that's perfect for your home. Some of our favourites are:

  • Dining tables 

  • Desks

  • Bookshelves

  • Coffee tables

  • Stools

  • Dining benches


Benefits of using hardwood for your furniture | Martelo & Mo


If you have an idea for a bespoke piece of furniture and you think hardwood would be the perfect material, then get in contact here, and we'd love to help you bring it to life! 


August 27, 2021 — Monika Equi

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