The well-known ‘Scandi’ style has taken over homes all over the UK and is now an aspirational, modern home design. As it’s such a popular style, we wanted to share some tips on how you can achieve the Scandinavian interior design style in your home.


Scandinavian Interior Design Style | Handcrafted Furniture| Martelo & Mo


What’s the beginning of the Scandi style?

Scandi décor comes from Scandinavian interior design and offers a minimalist style that uses various textures and light colours to create comfortable spaces.

The type officially came into the design world in the 1950s when Elizabeth Gordon – the editor of House Beautiful magazine – went to Scandinavia to bring public attention to the beautiful décor and design being used there.

How to bring the Scandi design into your home.

The Scandinavians are certainly onto something when it comes to design.
Lightwoods and white walls and overall clean aesthetic can seem a little limiting, but the design decisions are thoughtful, and function is often just as essential as great looks—and who can argue with that?

We all want our place to be cosy and homey, right? Well, Scandinavian design style principles should get us all there.  


An actual Scandi colour palette consists of four essential shades.
It relies mainly on whites and brighter hues - calm muted tones of white, grey, pale green and pink - because it’s dark in the region where this design style originated for much of the year!

Plus, white and lighter colours reflect the natural light better. These colours blend well with natural woods, which, in addition to minimalism, I see as a trademark for Scandinavian design.


Scandinavian Interior Design | Handcrafted Furniture | Martelo & Mo


Quality over quantity

Classic Scandinavian style is marked by its simplicity, lack of visual clutter, and purposeful placement of featured items; the Scandinavian design relies on a few perfect pieces to tie a complete design together.

Quality over quantity is always more desirable in Scandi design. The Scandi style focus is on solid woods, handcrafted ceramics, and wool rugs.
Less is more philosophy

In Scandi style, less is truly more, and every object really must earn its right to stay. Double-duty furniture and accessories aren’t just innovative in Scandi design—they’re a necessity (housing was commonly expensive and smaller in Scandinavian countries), and you might find a storage chest that acts as a coffee table or a bench with a built-in shelf. Furniture is beautiful but not ornate; this is where classic Scandinavian design comes in.


Scandinavian Interior Design | Handcrafted Furniture | Martelo & Mo


Hygge phenomenon

Scandinavians take comfort and cosiness seriously, and that’s undoubtedly revealed in the way they decorate and what sorts of materials they use.

It’s all about working with texture to create warmth through pieces like sheepskins, smooth leathers, woven rope, chunky knits, and ceramics. Displayed on the simple organic furniture of the Scandi style is a lovely backdrop for all this cosiness.
Invite nature into your home

The Scandinavians love nature. The plain wood isn’t just a material of taste—it’s a thoughtful statement of admiration and recognition for nature’s beauty.

Wood is handled with great care and never covered with stains or paint, and the natural wood grain should always be seen. The Scandi design is very natural; hardwood furniture and wooden accents work well to achieve the look. And bringing greenery into your space not only adds a bit of colour but also connect us closer to nature.


Scandinavian Interior Design | Handcrafted Furniture | Martelo & Mo



In the typical Scandinavian home, eco-friendliness is a big focus. Houses are designed carefully and built efficiently, utilising environmental materials. Sustainability, minimalism, and environmental influences are as crucial inside Scandinavian interior design as they are outside.
Are you ready to create a Scandi aesthetic in your home? Please get in contact with us here to see how we can help you create the perfect furniture pieces to complement your Scandi inspired home!

September 27, 2021 — Monika Equi

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