We love creating bespoke pieces and making your furniture dreams come true!

Whether you know what you want or aren't quite sure, we work with you throughout the design and production. We offer design solutions, provide CAD drawings and answer any questions you have. 

We work around your unique requirements and create the best match for your needs and wants.


Martelo and Mo bespoke oak high table and barstools 
Martelo and Mo, bespoke oak high table with curved corners

Bespoke High Table was designed and made in collaboration with Alexandra Barbu for Hypervolt.



We always strive to deliver the best and highest quality products.

Your new furniture will be made to order, entirely from scratch, to the size and specifications that suit you and create the most of your space.

We have a lot of experience meeting unique requirements and overcoming space constraints.

We take great care in choosing our materials and using traditional and modern woodworking techniques. 


Martelo and Mom bespoke furniture design CAD drawing of a bespoke high table in oak

 CAD drawings for the bespoke High Table, designed and made in collaboration with Alexandra Barbu and Hypervolt.



We believe in three things: 

The simplicity of design,
Putting great care into choosing and handling our materials,
The pursuit of quality in everything we do.

Everything we create is designed with care, attention and function in mind.

  Martelo and Mo Butterfly joint, also known as a bow tie inlay

A butterfly joint, also known as a bow tie inlay, is a detail we love to use in our woodworking projects.

Martelo and Mo bespoke bedside cabinet in mapleBespoke bedside cabinet in solid maple, with the beautiful contrasting walnut joinery details. Designed and made for Bergman and Mar's Makers Collection for One Crown Place in London.



We only source the best long-lasting materials from FSC and PEFC-certified UK sawmills. 

As in everything, we look for the best quality when it comes to materials. We use natural solid hardwoods like walnut, maple, oak and ash for our modern designs and character pieces. 


We design everything with care and function in mind. 

We work off bespoke drawings for our online furniture collection and limited edition or custom-made items. 

Whether you're ordering an online collection piece or a bespoke furniture item, you always get excellent quality designs with a personal touch. 

  Martelo and Mo Hertford workshop

One of our favourite methods is the 'blocking technique', which rectifies inherent knots and flaws in the wood.

Martelo and Mo Hertfordshire workshop Behind the scenes at our Hertford workshop



We use our many years of experience and knowledge of wood in our manufacturing process and make all our items from scratch in our Hertfordshire workshop. 

We manage the entire process, from choosing the best wood for the design to adding the finishing touches. 


Our long-lasting items are created from responsibly sourced, certified UK sawmills materials. 

We not only take great care in choosing our materials but also in handling them. We aim to repurpose as much timber as possible and minimise waste in our process. 

One of our favourite methods is the 'blocking technique', which rectifies inherent knots and flaws in the wood. This allows us to use wood that might be discarded and adds a unique signature feature to each piece.

Get in touch with us, and let's talk about how we can bring your ideas into your space and life.

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