Our Conti Stool pays tribute to functionalism and beauty. It comes in two sizes: the low seat, perfect as an occasional seat around the house or a vanity desk chair, and the bar stool for high tables, bars and kitchen islands.

The design embraces minimalism and clean lines without compromising comfort, and the scooped seat moulds to the human form. 


Conti Stool | Handcrafted Furniture


Where did the Conti Stool design originate?

The Conti Stool emerges from a bespoke commission for one of the trendiest coffee spots in London, Urban Baristas.

Camila and her husband Huw, co-founders of Urban Baristas, had already bought two different batches of stools, but they couldn’t find the perfect fit. They wanted a stool that would last them a long time, provide comfort for their customers and complement their modern coffee shop interior.

So, Camila and Huw contacted us with this exact brief!

We met with Camila and Huw to get a feel for their coffee shop and understand what they wanted from their perfect stool. They gave us freedom in the design as long as the seats were comfortable and strong.

We started drafting some ideas and designs and eventually came up with three options. First, we presented these options to the couple, and Camila and Huw loved them! They chose the design that best fitted their inspiration, and just like that; we had our final design. 


Conti Stool | Handcrafted Furniture


A bespoke three-legged oak stool proved the perfect fit for Urban Baristas.

Urban Baristas have recently opened a new shop in Wormwood Street, London where they’ve continued to use our Conti Stools! The place is buzzing, and their Matcha Lattes are flying out faster than you could imagine!


Why is the Conti Stool so unique to Martelo and Mo?

This bespoke commission was an exciting project for us in the early stages of Martelo and Mo. Not only was it our first commission project, but we also had the freedom to create something fun and unique. 


Where is the Conti Stool now?

The design has grown organically; the fundamental features were hand-carved seats, intricate joinery, longevity and sustainably sourced hardwoods. We’ve since built the stools in various hardwood materials – including Maple, Oak and Walnut – and have offered them in different sizes.


Conti Stool | Handcrafted Furniture


The Conti stool has received fantastic feedback and was shortlisted as one of the finalists at the Design Week Awards 2019 for Furniture and Product Design. 

In 2021, our stool was included in the ‘Objects of Desire’ section in the 20th edition of Modern Rustic Bookazine, curated by Country Living Magazine, showcasing the best houses, artisans, and handmade pieces.


Conti Stool | Handcrafted Furniture


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December 06, 2021 — Monika Equi

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