Designing your furniture is an exciting way to update your home. Not only do you get the opportunity to create furniture that’s a perfect fit for your house, but you can also add a personal touch to make it unique. In this blog, we will be sharing the six things you should consider when designing your bespoke piece of furniture. 


1. Measurements

The first thing to consider is the room's dimensions. If you want to design a new dining table, you need to measure the size of the room and then measure how big you want the table to be - considering you’ll need to add chairs around it and need space to get around. 

Correct measurements are essential at the planning stage, as if you get them wrong now, you risk the chance of ending up with an item that doesn’t fit or isn’t what you imagined. So, take your time and consider how you would use your space according to your new furniture.


2. Materials

When deciding on the materials you want to use for your furniture, you should consider two main things: durability and quality. 

Nobody wants to spend months designing and building their ideal piece of furniture for it not to last. Instead, you want to choose a sturdy and strong material so that it can last you a lifetime. 

You also want to consider your lifestyle when choosing materials. For example, are you a family with young children? Perhaps you should steer away from any sharp or dangerous materials and choose more smooth and durable ones.

We’re big advocates of using hardwood in our furniture designs. Not only are that excellent quality, but they’re also long-lasting and worth the investment. Check out our hardwood furniture designs here.


Bespoke Furniture | Martelo and Mo

3. Storage

Another thing to consider when designing your furniture is whether you want it to double up as storage. For example, many pieces of furniture can also be used as storage, such as tables, benches, and even some chairs! So consider this in the early stages so that you can have plenty of design options and functionality for your furniture.


4. Finish

When thinking about the finish of your furniture, there are many routes you can take – especially when working with wood. For example, you can choose between finishes such as varnish, oil, wax and water-based. Each finish gives you a different look to achieve your desired design. 

Here at Martelo and Mo, we typically use a wax-oil finish on our products which are children, pet and food safe and include no harmful VOCs or bad odours. 


Safe Handcrafted Furniture | Bespoke Furniture | Martelo and Mo

5. Aftercare

How much aftercare are you willing to do? The answer to this question will help you find suitable materials and designs for you. 

If you live a busy life and don’t have much free time for cleaning and aftercare for one piece of furniture, you should incorporate that into your design. 

Hardwood is a personal favourite material for aftercare as you can keep it in good condition with just regular dusting and wiping!


6. Budget

Of course, the final thing to consider is your budget. The budget you’re working with will help you choose which design is best for you. Your budget can impact things like the size of the furniture, materials used and finish of the furniture. 


Handcrafted Furniture | Martelo and Mo


There we have it -  six things you should consider when designing your furniture! 

We could help you with the design stage, source the materials, and build the final piece. Contact us here if you’d like to know more about this process.




January 17, 2022 — Monika Equi

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