Our Oval Dining Table is a contemporary dining table with a beautifully shaped oval top elevated on sophisticated black table legs.

It results from exciting collaboration and since then has become a part of our furniture collection.

Oval Dining Table | Handcrafted Furniture

Wooden accents

The Oval Dining Table offers a modern interpretation of a mid-century family dining room table. 

Made in sustainably sourced solid oak, the top is carefully detailed with hand-chiselled wooden blockings. These traditional wooden accents provide a lovely aesthetic in the timber's natural grain, holding its natural cracks and preserving its inherent form and blemishes.

The base shape lends itself to the mid-century modern aesthetics but easily incorporates into any home.

Wood Accents

Where did the Oval Dining Table design originate?

We originally designed the Oval Dining Table in collaboration with Julia Alexander Interiors for one of her clients.

The objective was to design and create a timeless but modern dining room table to allow the family members to gather and spend time together. In addition, we have provided three design options, from which the client chose her favourite one.

To make the design more personal, the client wanted to add three bow tie joints in different materials to symbolise their three children. Therefore, we built different bow tie joints made out of Brass, Walnut and Oak.

Oval Dining Table Design Originate


We take ideas from various references for our designs, and for this particular project, the philosophy of George Nakashima was what inspired this table.

" Don't change the wood, only enhance its beauty".
 - George Nakashima

Where is the Oval Dining Table now?

The Oval Dining Table lives in our client's London home and is a centrepiece of their dining room. 

"This dining table has such a lovely story to tell, as it should.
Many things are produced with such efficiency now that we rarely get to appreciate their origin or the effort devoted to it.
But not this table."
                                Ripa L.

Oval Dining Table Now

As we loved the design of the Oval Dining Table so much, we have added it to our furniture collection available on our website. 

It's available in various sizes, and it can also be made bespoke to suit your family and your home perfectly. 

Click here to learn more about the Oval Dining Table.

March 01, 2022 — Monika Equi

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