Are you looking to re-design your home this year? Would you like to know the top trends influencing interior design in 2023? This month we share with you our 5 top trends in Furniture and Interior Design.

We believe that the main drivers influencing this year's design trends will be Individualism, Confidence and Personality, which means we will see a wide range of beautiful and unique interiors. 

It will allow us to express our personalities, set ourselves apart from others, and break away from design rules. It's all about bringing unique colours, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, and practical layouts that work with your lifestyle. 

Below we outline a few trends that will be popular and help you set your home apart and make it your favourite place to be in.


Martelo and Mo - Wayne Edge Lagoa Dining Table.

Martelo and Mo - Wayne Edge Lagoa Dining Table.


Biophilic Design and connecting to nature

Last year we saw the Modern Organic style that took the design and home decor by storm. It mixes contemporary and traditional elements, organic shapes and neutral colours. The Modern Organic style paves the way for the new trend that brings us closer to nature - Biophilic Design.

We will still see a lot of greenery and organic shapes in furniture and accessories this year; however, many of us will focus on making our homes a safe oasis. 

Whether it's by incorporating plants, such as living walls in the design, or by connecting indoor space with the outdoor or by bringing furniture pieces made of natural materials such as hardwood or clay, the desire to bring nature closer to us and our homes is no longer only applied in commercial design, but it's growing in popularity among households. 

Hence we see more biophilic designs through rooftop gardens, vegetable patches, living walls and varieties of beautiful plants that provide calming effects and purify our air quality, but also in locally sourced artisan items such as Wayne edge wooden furniture, scallop-shaped woven rugs and handmade pottery items.


Image credit: Bergman and Mar. Our bespoke Pippy Oak Desk made in collaboration with Bergman and Mar for Penthouse Residence in Fitzrovia.

Image credit: Bergman and Mar. Our bespoke Pippy Oak Desk made in collaboration with Bergman and Mar for Penthouse Residence in Fitzrovia.


Return of Victorian and traditional interiors

Victorian style may sound like a thing of the past, but with recent popularity in Regency-themed dramas, we see more interest in Victorian and traditional design. 

With the sad news of Queen Elizabeth II passing last year, more people are paying tribute and attention to British influence. So for that reason, the traditional and Victorian styles will be more dominant in interior and furniture design. 

Younger generations are also looking for ways to honour vintage and inherited pieces in their homes, and mixing new with old styles is becoming prevalent not only on movie sets but also in our living rooms. The Traditional pieces resonate with personality and quality and evoke a feeling of timelessness.


 Martelo and Mo - Santana Console Table in aged dark fumed Oak.

 Martelo and Mo - Santana Console Table in aged dark fumed Oak.


Sustainability is at the forefront of design, with clients and Interior Designers valuing either re-used or well-made pieces that will last a lifetime. Commissioning bespoke furniture pieces that mix traditional and modern elements, darker aged stains will be prevalent in the 2023 interior design. The Traditional Interiors are also hard to get wrong, as they always create a homely, inviting, and lived-in feel that people tend to appreciate more now.


Rich colours as the new neutrals 

Black, white and grey are the colours of the past. Since 2021 we see emerald green, rich purple, burnt orange, and deep brown shades used not only on the walls but also in the furniture and home decor accents. Those shades provide us with endless options, and this coming year we will see dark colours used as the backdrop for beautiful personality-driven designs.


The darker green walls create a beautiful backdrop for light wood furniture in this beautiful bedroom design. Image Credit: Edmund Dabney, Interior Design - Bergman & Mar, One Crown Place, Bedside Cabinet Design - Martelo and Mo.


These colours will create memorable spaces, add a bit of drama, and show your personality. Rich pigments are becoming timeless, and certain tones have been around for some time, such as browns and beiges, making a comeback through paint colours, wooden furniture, and accessories. You will see more brown sofas, rich brown hardwood furniture, leather, flooring and rugs. This adds comfort to the environment making it warm and inviting.

Studies, reading rooms and home libraries will become more popular in the coming year, focusing on timeless design, luxury and elegance.


Martelo and Mo - Low Conti Stool 45cm - Ash

A beautiful contrast of Martelo and Mo's Low Conti Stool in light Ash wood against the dark orange curtain.


Using and working with raw, natural materials

With more focus on sustainability from consumers, natural materials are sought-after in 2023 design and sourcing. Concrete, natural hardwoods and plaster are some elements that we will see. Earth-friendly practices will manifest in many processes, from design to sourcing.


Martelo and Mo Pippy Oak Dining Table detail

Bespoke Pippy Oak Dining Table detail by Martelo and Mo.


Focus on Handmade 

Handmade artisan goods will be the centre of this year's focus. Interior Designers and customers will be sourcing work from artisans and placing more value on locally made items that tell a story. In the last few years, the desire to source items that will fit with people's homes and lifestyles, that are sustainably made and appreciate the making processes and artisans that create them has grown in popularity. 


Behind the scenes at Martelo and Mo workshop, Hertford, UK.

Behind the scenes at Martelo and Mo workshop, Hertford, UK.


From tiles, furniture, pottery and artwork, we will see handmade items appearing more in our homes in the coming months.

One-of-a-kind items add uniqueness to your space; made with natural materials, they are timeless and will stand the test of time. 

Get in touch with us, and let's talk about how we can bring the 2023 trends into your space and life.

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